Is to help make your holidays more relaxing, and less stressful.

Let us source and box and deliver those essential products for you


Our boutique partners have fine foods and drinks that we bring together daily for you.

We have travelled the island and tasted and tested to ensure you get to enjoy the best the island has to offer.

Discover our specialty suppliers, quality you can trust.


Keep up to date on our latest updates, promotions and new products.


Not yet arrived? Or already holidaying in Phuket or Singapore

Give us one days’ notice and we can you have your food box delivered to your hotel room, serviced apartment, villa or holiday accommodation.

We pack our boxes daily, ensuring fruit and vegetables are picked fresh, and our bread and bakery items freshly baked.

We find familiar western brands from around the local suppliers and box them together and deliver daily to your accommodation

boxes being packed
boxes being delivered


We work directly with local suppliers to bring you the best products from across the island

We only pack quality products we love into our boxes.

We source product from over the island so you can taste the best of Phuket and Singapore

Our passion for quality is shown in our packaging, delivered in our quality boxes.

We also supply cooler bags which are perfect to keep those foods chilled.

Use the cooler bags down at the beach or even on your boat trip out to the many beautiful islands located around Phuket and Singapore

Our wine holders…just add ice and you have your own wine cooler bucket.


We are passionate travellers and foodies and have lived in Asia for nearly a decade. However still even after a short flight of one hour flight we don’t want to have locate local shops. Holiday accommodation can usually be quite far away from local amenities. Usually not within walking distance and traffic during peak season can be very challenging in both cars and with scooters.

The travel time from the Phuket airport to your holiday accommodation is usually over an hour,
Just buying drinking water is a load to carry back. Daily we see numerous holiday makers walking down main roads, or dusty side roads searching for a local market to buy food. The seven eleven does have some local bare necessities however numerous most items are in local language, and to local tastes.. Thai’s love everything chili and spicy. If you have children or looking for your favourite snacks be it rice crackers or wines and cheeses these can be difficult to locate.
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