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Travelling to Phuket with Baby?

BoxDrop Online desire is to make travelling easier for all families Breakfasts Because times to swim, hike, shop or visit an aquarium are sometime limited by the baby's morning and afternoon naps, it makes sense for the entire family to eat something quick in the...

Looking for Gluten Free Food and Restaurants in Phuket

We can source a variety of Gluten & Dairy Free products including Fresh Bread, cereals, pancake mix, biscuits and snacks etc from around the island. Check out our Gluten Free Box, we deliver daily all across the island www.boxdroponline.com/product/gluten-free/...

Best Way to Exchange Money in Thailand

To use a Money Exchange or ATM in Thailand or Credit Card in Thailand This is a question I see asked by a lot of travelers heading to Thailand, or do I exchange money before I leave, where I get there. Is it cheaper to exchange at the airport or get money out of ATM....

Marketing materials for your new business

Starting your own business is very challenging, and takes a lot of personal time and effort especially when you are already working full time. My business blog is to help those also starting on this journey and sharing what we have learnt along the way with...

Boxdroponline Food Box Delivery Concept

Our business idea: Food box delivery service in Phuket. It was definitely a combination of experiences and recent business trends 1.The first experience which built the idea was back in August 2009 when a group of friends headed from Sydney to go skiing in Queenstown...

Wanting to start our own business

Last Xmas whilst waiting for my flight back to Singapore from visiting my family in New Zealand. . Over a glass of wine at the Auckland viaduct. I had an idea and passion to start my own business. One year later the idea has become a reality. A reality that's been...


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