Our business idea: Food box delivery service in Phuket. It was definitely a combination of experiences and recent business trends
1.The first experience which built the idea was back in August 2009 when a group of friends headed from Sydney to go skiing in Queenstown NZ. When we booked the accommodation they offered to order and have groceries delivered to room ready for when we arrived. It was perfect as we staying quite a distance from the town centre. They had the food already in the fridge for us and we had our snacks to keep us going on the slopes, and when we came home exhausted.

2. We had a similar experience when we booked a long weekend away in the Blue Mountains, We arrived to a basket of breakfast goodies, bread, jam, cereal and milk, it just felt so personal.

3. Foodies, we love food, everyone needs to eat.. Master chef, my kitchen rules. Instagram photos of everything we eat.

4. The Subscription Box and Food Delivery craze. Birch Box, My Food Bag, Deliveroo, Redmart we order everything on line now and can get it delivered when we want.

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