We can source a variety of Gluten & Dairy Free products including Fresh Bread, cereals, pancake mix, biscuits and snacks etc from around the island.

Check out our Gluten Free Box, we deliver daily all across the island www.boxdroponline.com/product/gluten-free/

Please email me at bridgette.boxdroponline@gmail.com if you want something specific in your gluten free box.

There is a growing number of restaurants around the island offering gluten free, organic and raw food options.  Many Thai dishes also don’t contain gluten as they are rice, protein and vegetable based.  So for those gluten free hopefully you can find at least one or two options on most menus.

I prefer to eat gluten free products, and live down the south of the island around Rawai.

Locally my favourites are Bake free, the first all Gluten & Dairy free bakery on the island.  We source freshly baked cakes, breaks etc from them.  A great Italian Da Puccio also offers really good gluten free pasta.  Also if down south of the island I now see one of the most popular burger places, the Green Tamarind offering a gluten free burger.

O-OH Farm is another good health food dining option as well as We Cafe they are several stores around the island.

Best grocery store option is Villa Market which has a range of gluten free products for baking.

Again Trip Adviser is a great source of information for Gluten free Restaurants around your location.

If you staying up north around Mai Khao there is a great review for Chaam Restaurant at Anantara Vacation Club gluten free pizza.

Also Google “Gluten Free Restaurants Phuket” this also provides a good lot of restaurants choices and options.

Let us know your favourite Gluten Free meals in Phuket and we can help spread the word.

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