Starting your own business is very challenging, and takes a lot of personal time and effort especially when you are already working full time.

My business blog is to help those also starting on this journey and sharing what we have learnt along the way with Boxdroponline, a business we have started in Phuket. A corporate couple buiding their own business to hoepfully live the dream full time in Thailand.

This blog is particular to marketing materials.

The best site i found in producing professional looking marketing materials is vista print.

I have used them for all our Boxdrop Online sales brochures, business cards, folders and merchandising materials.

It is one of my favorite websites to use, because it is so easy to upload your logo and pictures and build on there templates. As our business is based around the beach we instantly were drawn to there beach theme selection. The template of the two deck chairs we have now used for all our materials. And even with very little marketing experience or brand know how we have from day one had a very consistent brand theme. And not all matchy matchy, there templates are able to match together very well.

I also love how they can add your QR code to your marketing materials. It takes probably around two hours or so to finalise my design. Then they always put suggestions on other products as well. I am based in Singapore and there delivery times have always been usually within the week. Unfortunately they don;t ship directly to Thailand but as i work full time during the week and travel to Phuket every weekend not to much of an issue.

The costs do work out in comparason to even getting printing done in Thailand. Printing in Thailand may be marginally cheaper, but there is no design assistance and the time to produce is usually over a week.

I can get items printed her in Singapore but again they are just printing off a pdf file, and were nothing near the quality of product i get from Vistaprint.

The only thing i struggle with is using their direct dial number, never seems to work for me. I instead use the email quick question to liaise with them and they are very quick to respond, next day i will usually have an answer. I also email them when i have a design and just want it in a different format. For example i had done some postcards a few months before which i liked, but now wanted them in leaflet format. I just requested via email, and next day they had created them and put them in my portfolio

What I though was very good on my last order. I finalized my new brochures on Sunday night for quick delivery (3 to 5 days) the following week. Woke up on Monday and remembered i had forgotten to add my QR code. No worries, i was still able to go into my cart and access the design and change it. Still managed to get all my brochures on Wednesday prefolded and looking great. Love them, as you can see in my video.

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