Best way to get from Phuket airport to your hotel accommodation

Many people don’t realise is that it is usually a bit of a trip from the Phuket Airport to your holiday accommodation.  Nearly in an hour or more for most of the popular locations,  unless you are staying up north in the Mai Khao area.

Travel options

  1. Taxi
  2. Accommodation arranged pick up
  3. Car Hire.


There are plenty of Taxi options at Phuket Airport and the prices are usually fixed and quite reasonable.

You have choice of 4 door sedan (best option for a couple) or  van which is probably the best for a family of 4 + and your luggage.

Costs are as follows:

Sedan 4WD Van per pax Sedan 4WD Van per pax
Phuket town 650 900 1100 21 29 35
Bangtao 700 1000 1200 22 32 38
Patong 800 1200 1400 180 26 38 45 6
Kata/Karon 1,000 1400 1600 200 32 45 51 6

Taxis can be found once you walk out of the Phuket airport.  They have small booths, and will quote you the price and then give you a receipt and ticket, they will then tell you to go to door 5 ….

What you need to do is walk down to Exit 5/Gate 5, past the smoking area, and where there are taxi booths.  Then someone will come up to you and check your ticket and show you to a taxi or tell you to wait while the taxi comes.  So you need to kind of stand there and wave your ticket around a bit if no-one directly approaches you.

Challenges:  you need to have Thai Baht already on you to pay.  So on arrival you need to cash exchange or use ATM’s.  ATM are after customers before you go down the escalators to get your luggage.  Check out my blog on Money Exchanging.

May not be sure of where your accommodation is especially if you’re not staying in a hotel or in a popular location.  Always have the accommodation details and address on you to show the driver.

Indicative Travel Times 

Kamala:  45 mins                                            Patong:  59mins                                       Kata Beach 1hr 18 mins              Rawai  1 hr 15 mins


Google Maps 

  1. Accommodation/Hotel arranged pick up

Your accommodation can also arrange transport.  Do check the cost prior as in most times it is more expensive than taxis and you do have to wait a little while as the vehicle will be parked elsewhere.  When you walk out of the Phuket airport there will be a lot of hotel people with signs.  You will be meet by someone who will then call the taxi and will be around 5 to 10 minutes and the van or car will arrive, sometimes they will also be waiting for other passengers.

Benefit, its all arranged for you, They know exactly where they are taking you, will usually have water in the car for you

  1. Car rental

Car rental…I have to say I am not a big fan, I have done this twice before and wouldn’t again.  First time I booked online rental website to get the cheapest car rental rate.  Got the cheapest price but the car rental agency was not located at the Phuket airport.  Once you get your bags and walk past the bag scanners, the main car rentals have booths there eg.  Hertz, Avis, Europcar etc.  However if you have a cheaper rental place they are not located in the Phuket Airport building as was my situation.  Everyone I asked gave me a different answer on where to go. Apparently they were situation in the domestic terminal which is not far.  However  even a 5 to 10 minute walk dragging 20 kgs of luggage in 30+ degree heat is not fun.  I got out my piece of paper to call them and the number was wrong as well!  Luckily one of the car rental booths helped me out and phoned them.  Finally someone came and picked me up.

All the rental companies have their cars located away from the Phuket airport.  So once you have filled out and signed several pieces of paper and all the added extras that they recommend.  15 minutes later someone will pick you up and take you to their car lot which is probably around 1k away from the Phuket airport.  Once there you hand over the documentation to someone else.  Then you wait again for the car, then you have to go around and note all the marks etc already on the car.  It is quite a long process and not what you want to experience with a tired or hungry family, or even just by myself.  Dropping off also involves paperwork and car checking etc which takes around 15 mins plus then dropping you to the Phuket airport terminal.  You need to factor this into your travel time when heading back to the Phuket airport for your return flight.

If you are really wanting a car to travel around while you are on the island.  I would recommend that you try and organise this with your accommodation directly.  Most Villa’s and small boutique hotels can organise to have a car waiting for you when you arrive at your accommodation.  You will still need to get a taxi or pick up from the Phuket airport to your hotel or villa but it is a lot less hassle and no paperwork usually.

Scooter hiring is usually pretty simple and lots of places around offering bike hire.  If your hotel or villa is not near shops they can usually organise hireage for you and have it dropped off at your accommodation.

Hope these tips are of use, please like or comment with your own experiences, so we can spread the word.

Our goal is to make travelling easier for all, we love Phuket and want you to have a great experience too.

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